Canadian Malayalee Association was formed in Canada on the Kerala Piravi Day of 2001 - November 01, 2001. The long felt need for Malyalees of Canada to develop a forum for showcasing the passion for Malayalam language and Kerala culture with emphasis on literature, music and drama, fructified on this day. Jose Puthiyedum was elected the first President of the Canadian Malayalee Association.
Under the capable and untiring leadership of the office bearers and members, the Canadian Malayalee Association grew by leaps and bounds and have become a force to reckon with among the immigrant Indians in Canada.
• Various accolades, commendations and prizes won by the Canadian Malayalee Association during various community events, especially during the Indian Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, will always stand testimony to the hard work of all its members.
• Every year Canadian Malayalee Association events to celebrate the significance of major Kerala festivals in addition to honoring celebrities, scholars, artists and elected officials visiting from India.
• We provide platform to showcase the talents of younger generation of our Malayalee community. On a routine basis, we undertake charity work in Canada and abroad and also participate in many community events.

Our Team

Antony Thomas


Saji Xavier


Joy Paulose


Kavitha Ariyath


Jincy Mathew

Vice President

Mathew Thomas

Joint Secretary

Beena Josephs

Joint Treasurer

Sandhya Manoj

Joint P.R.O

Sophy Xaviour

Entertainment Convenor

Alphonse Mathew

Entertainment Convenor

Jose Josephs

Entertainment Convenor

Binoy Thankachan

Entertainment Convenor

Jijo Mathew

Entertainment Convenor

Jacob Varghese

Ex Officio

Thomas Thomas


Commitee Members
Mohan Ariyath
George Pazhayidathu
Thresa Thomas
Ansu Joji
Kusumam Saji
Jijesh John
Dennis John
Felix James