Rules: Tug of War

  • The referee's decision in matters concerning the application of the rules of the game and the decision of the judge regarding conduct of the game shall be final. 
  • It is the responsibility of the teams to avoid injury producing tactics. In the event of a serious injury it is the responsibility of the coach/manager to take appropriate action for the well being of each player. 
  • CMA officials of the game or CMA Committee Members will not be held liable or responsible for any type of loss including but not limited to Personal injury and safety of any participating teams or individuals. 
  • The tournament committee of CMA reserves the right to change any of the following rules on the day of the tournament to accommodate unforeseen circumstances to safeguard the integrity of the tournament. 


  1. All participating teams MUST register at the venue prior to July22nd 1.00 pm. CMA officials reserve the right to disqualify any team due to any genuine reason.
  2. Time  for weighing-July22nd   1.00  pm to 2 pm.
  3. Time of the event: 2.00 pm
  4. Registration Fees- $200/Team
  5. Identification- CMA will provide Wrist band to each team after the final weight check. All players should wear this wrist band at match or could be disqualified to participate.

The Rope 

  • The rope provided by the organisers has a red mark in the middle by way of a ribbon tied.  
  • Before commencement of a pull, the ribbon is tied  perpendicular to the exact center point on the ground.  
  • The game is won when a side pulls the rope till the red centre mark crosses the white line on their side.


  • Each team will consist maximum of seven members
  • Combined weight of these members should not exceed the weight of 585(+5) kg
  • All players must be dressed in the attire they are participating in the competition for weighing-in.
  • Players must not wear cleated/spiked shoes or boots with metal soles. 
  • Players should not put tape or glue on their hands.  No gloves are permitted.
  • Only one Coach is permitted with each team during the competition.
  • A player can be a member of one team only.
  • No substitution is permitted.  However, in case a puller injured in a previous competition, that player may be substituted at the discretion of the referee in case the total weight permitted for the team is not exceeded, but substitution is limited to a single person/team. The injured player, who is substituted will no longer eligible to participate in the competition. 

Field and Marking 

  • The game will be played on a flat grassy patch of land. 
  • A line referred to as a center line is marked on the playing zone.
  • When the rope is placed before the pull, the referee will tie a red ribbon in a manner that it aligns with the center marked on the ground. 
  • A white line is made 3 Meters from the centre line on either side. 
  • The first member of the team should not cross the white line before pulling begins. 


  • The Referee first announces “Pick up the rope”'
  • Referee orders "Take the strain". The pullers' feet shall be flat on the ground and the rope held with both hands by the ordinary grip. Sufficient strain shall be put on the rope to ensure that it is taut, and each puller may establish one foothold.
  • For the end puller/anchor, the rope passes alongside the body, diagonally across the back and over the opposite shoulder from rear to front. The remaining rope passes under the armpit in a backward and outward direction and the slack runs free.
  • The Referee then ties a red ribbon in a manner that it aligns with the center marked on the ground. 
  • He orders “Pull” or blows a whistle and the teams start pulling the rope into their territory. 
  • As soon as the Red Ribbon on the rope crosses over the white line, the team in that territory wins the game.   
  • Win will be signalled by the judge blowing a whistle and pointing in the direction of the winning team.
  • If a member of the team falls down that member they should immediately stand back up and continue pulling else is given a caution. 
  • Each team is allowed two cautions before getting disqualified.   


  • Sitting - deliberately sitting on the ground, or failure to return immediately to the pulling position. 
  • Leaning - touching the ground with any part of the body other than the feet.
  • Locking - no knots or loops shall be made in the rope, nor shall it be locked across any part of the body or any member of the team. Crossing the rope over itself constitutes a loop.
  • Propping - holding the rope in a position where it does not pass at waist level or above.  
  • Stepping outside the demarcated pulling area.
  • Use of water, for any purpose, is prohibited within the immediate vicinity of the rope.
  • Use of inappropriate language.


  • For any infringement of the rules during a pull the referee shall, in addition to naming the team call "First caution" clearly pointing with one finger.
  • In case of another infringement, the referee will call "Final caution" clearly pointing with two fingers in the direction of the offending team.
  • A team will be deemed guilty of an infringement even though only one member offends. 
  • Only two cautions can be given to a team, prior to disqualification in any one pull. 
  • The referee has the authority to disqualify a team or teams without caution for any offence against the rules.

No Pull.       Referee shall declare a "No pull" in the event of:

  • Both teams being guilty of infringements. 
  • Both teams leaving go of the rope before the finish of a pull(dead rope) after referee whistles. 
  • A pull being interrupted without infringement by either of the teams. 


Before pulling commences the choice of ends will be decided by the toss of a coin. After the first pull, the teams will change ends.


A main referee and two (2) linesmen will be assigned for all games in the tournament. 

(Important: No Arguments or passing of comments/inappropriate gesture towards the referee will not be tolerated. This may lead to disqualification of the team.)  


  1. Teams will be pooled as per the schedule for the group stage matches. Depending on the number of the participating teams, the groups will be formed by way of draw of lots. 
  2. The group stage matches would be on Round-Robin and the semi-final/oblique finals would be on knock out.